Electric Literature Interview with Ted Chiang

So excited that I got to talk with one of my favorite writers, Ted Chiang, about some of the themes and craft elements at work in his new short story collection, Exhalation. It’s a remarkable collection, and Chiang is a veritable fount of wisdom.

New Essay Alert: Pretty Woman

I’ve a new essay up on about androids and misogyny and French Symbolism. I left Blade Runner 2049 with a jumble of thoughts in my head about the android as a science-fictional conceit. And, at long last, I’ve managed to organize some of those thoughts. I hope you enjoy!

Riot Baby Cover Reveal! has finally unveiled the gorgeous cover for my January 2020 novella, Riot Baby, including a (slightly embarrassing) video of my reaction upon seeing it for the first time. It is an extraordinary piece of work with cover design from the incredible Jaya Miceli, photo by Aaron Ansarov and art direction from Christine Foltzer. They really knocked this one out the park.

Electric Literature Interview with Victor LaValle

Had a wonderful, fun time talking with the ever-insightful Victor LaValle about the mind-busting anthology he co-edited with John Joseph Adams, A People’s Future of the United States.

War Girls Cover Reveal and Excerpt!

At io9, we dropped a huge bomb. We revealed the gorgeous cover of my new book War Girls, coming Oct. 15, 2019, along with pre-order links and…

An excerpt!

From  Electric Literature

From Electric Literature

Electric Literature Interview with Marlon James

Got to talk with one of my idols and one of the titans of the game, Booker Prize-winning author Marlon James, about his new book, Black Leopard Red Wolf, the first in a mind-busting planned trilogy.