War Girls, with starred reviews from Publishers Weekly and Booklist, is officially out in the world today!

This really is the book of my heart. So seeing people Instagram their unboxings or tweet out pictures of the copies they’ve bought in stores has been particularly meaningful. I often find myself so deep in the work and the business of it all that I can forget what the dream feels like. So it is always wonderful that, on days like these, I can be reminded of the miracle. This thing that I wrote and that I’m supremely proud of is out in the world.

I hope you enjoy it.

New Essay: A Review of the new Ta-Nehisi Coates novel was gracious enough to give me space to talk about Ta-Nehisi Coates’s new novel The Water Dancer. There was a lot to talk about. I came out the other end immensely grateful that this book made its way to me and am excited to see what Coates does next.

PW Picks: Books of the Week, October 14, 2019

War Girls is a Publishers Weekly Pick for Books of the Week of Oct. 14!

It comes out on the 15th (which is literally upon us), and PW had some very kind things to say about War Girls in their starred review.

Onyebuchi’s action-packed, high-stakes tale of loyalty, sisterhood, and the transformative power of love and hope brims with imaginative future tech and asks important questions about the human cost of war, mechanization, and artificial intelligence. Set amid the horrors of war in a world ravaged by climate change and nuclear disaster, this heart-wrenching and complex page-turner, drawn from the 1960s Nigerian civil war, will leave readers stunned and awaiting the second installment.

Paste Magazine: Best Audiobooks of Oct. 2019

The War Girls audiobook, narrated by the incredible Adepero Oduye, was included in Paste Magazine’s Best Audiobooks of October 2019!

I’d known her from her previous work in 12 Years a Slave and Pariah and only recently found out that she’d narrated My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite.

When I found out we’d gotten her to work on the book, I was over the moon. She really brings it home and makes listening to Onyii’s and Ify’s story a truly unique experience.

Here’s a sample in case you don’t want to take my word for it.

Interview with Den of Geek

At New York Comic-Con 2019, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Den of Geek in the midst of the madness and talking about my two upcoming books, War Girls and Riot Baby. We also got to talk about climate change, Gundam Wing, and LA in the 90s. It was lit.

New Short Story: The Fifth Day

I have a new short story in Uncanny Magazine’s special “Disabled People Destroy Fantasy!” issue. It’s like nothing I’ve ever written before, and it’s an honor to have been included in such a fine collection of work. “The Fifth Day” is about loss and bargaining and duty and more things than I could possibly include in this brief summary, so you’ll just have to click through and read it for yourself.

New Essay: Select Difficulty

It’s been a busy summer. The good kind of busy. I’ve been lucky enough to have another essay up at, this one about grief and zombies and violent video games. I’m really proud of this essay and what it’s allowed me to say about coping and the video games I’ve loved and why I love them. And I hope you enjoy it.

Screenshot: BBC / Netflix

Screenshot: BBC / Netflix

New Essay: White Bears in Sugar Land

For Juneteenth, I wrote an essay for about cages, that episode of Black Mirror, and the broken promise of freedom that was announced on June 19, 1865. It was a tough thing to write, but it articulates a lot of what I think about when I think of the distance (or lack thereof) between then and now.

Reprint: “Dust to Dust - A Novella”

I have a reprint in Lightspeed Magazine! “Dust to Dust,” a story about the Cold War and alchemy and trying to do your job while the world is falling apart around you, began as a short story in a college fiction writing class, then grew into a novella a year later, then languished for about three years before being picked up by Panverse Three, an anthology showcasing only novellas. It has found another home here in Lightspeed, a place I think I’ve been querying for the greater half of a decade now, as an exclusive e-book in their June 2019 issue! Enjoy!

Electric Literature Interview with Ted Chiang

So excited that I got to talk with one of my favorite writers, Ted Chiang, about some of the themes and craft elements at work in his new short story collection, Exhalation. It’s a remarkable collection, and Chiang is a veritable fount of wisdom.

New Essay Alert: Pretty Woman

I’ve a new essay up on about androids and misogyny and French Symbolism. I left Blade Runner 2049 with a jumble of thoughts in my head about the android as a science-fictional conceit. And, at long last, I’ve managed to organize some of those thoughts. I hope you enjoy!

Riot Baby Cover Reveal! has finally unveiled the gorgeous cover for my January 2020 novella, Riot Baby, including a (slightly embarrassing) video of my reaction upon seeing it for the first time. It is an extraordinary piece of work with cover design from the incredible Jaya Miceli, photo by Aaron Ansarov and art direction from Christine Foltzer. They really knocked this one out the park.

Electric Literature Interview with Victor LaValle

Had a wonderful, fun time talking with the ever-insightful Victor LaValle about the mind-busting anthology he co-edited with John Joseph Adams, A People’s Future of the United States.

War Girls Cover Reveal and Excerpt!

At io9, we dropped a huge bomb. We revealed the gorgeous cover of my new book War Girls, coming Oct. 15, 2019, along with pre-order links and…

An excerpt!

From  Electric Literature

From Electric Literature

Electric Literature Interview with Marlon James

Got to talk with one of my idols and one of the titans of the game, Booker Prize-winning author Marlon James, about his new book, Black Leopard Red Wolf, the first in a mind-busting planned trilogy.