Very special book mail

A package came in the mail yesterday.

Sometimes, you live with a story for so long that it becomes more and more just a part of the process. Round 1 edits, round 2 edits…round 3 edits, etc. By the time you reach copy-edits, it can feel like just words on a page. Occasionally, a scene or an image will leap out at you and remind you of the magic of its conception. Sometimes, though, you just want the thing to be DONE. (It’s still weird to get to that phase as someone who spent over a decade and a half wanting this.)

But when these came in the mail, with this gorgeous cover art from Nekro and this stunning design by Tony Sahara, and I started flipping through, seeing the scenes take up physical space in my hands, that feeling of magic came right back. It’s still zipping electric through me a day later. And right on its heels is the realization that this book is one giant step closer to making it to your hands.

Tochi Onyebuchi